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DJ Jack Spicer


Urban Legend Jack
17 June 1989
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  • urbanlegend_js@livejournal.com
Okay, so what the hell, figured I'd just get a space here to... you know, proclaim my awesome. Soon this City is going to be following me, so, it can't hurt to get a blog or whatever, right?

WHAT CITY, you ask? Well I'll tell you. I'm Jack Spicer, and I've recently come to own a nightclub in this BIZARRE city known as tsuDAKI. The True Sleepless City. I came here to indulge my love of music, appease my mothers want for me to be an enterpreneur... and it looked pretty neat. I mean, a city of ravers, WOW, right?

Well. PFT. It was easy at first... but then it seems like half the people in the city are after my ass. I'm just a DJ! Well, I AM going to be the BEST DJ, but still. My luck sucks!

All that insanity aside, this is my journal. End of song.